Creating Character

The making and positioning of eyes impacts greatly on the character of a piece.
We often leave this task until the very end of the making process because this is the aspect which draws all the elements of the piece together, hopefully harmoniously, to create a personality.
Above, you see this final process taking place as eyes are added to a tiny sabre-tooth tiger puppet we've been working on. This little chap is one of a family of characters we're making for a story as part of 'Theatre for One' puppet shows in collaboration with About Face and The Fetch theatre companies. We'll provide more details about this project, which is an absolute joy to be part of, in subsequent posts.
For now, here's a little more on the tiger's progression. 


Lois Parker said…
I know the poor thing needs a stick up it's bum to make it come alive, but Ouch!
Murgatroyd said…
Hahah! Yes Lois, sadly the placing couldn't go anywhere else. The poor old thing has undergone quite an ordeal before he's even faced the public in performance. Character building..?