Making Faces

Frida Kahlo via

Here we thought we'd share some progress photo's with you from last month's Sewcial. The theme (or challenge) for the session was portraiture in fabric & stitch. 
Taking the fabulously distinctive face of Frida Kahlo as our starting point, we used an applique technique to piece key 'Frida' features together. Pattern & flowers often feature in photographs or paintings of Frida so part of the challenge was to include patterned fabric in the textile portrait - be it for skin tones & shading or in the background. 
Here's how the group got in the, all-too-brief, three hour session:


Deciding which patterned background is preferable
The next step will be to add features with embroidery

M&B's sample in progress

We're planning to offer this as a full day session later in the year. If this is a topic which you'd be interested in participating in, do let us know so that we can keep you informed about an upcoming date. 



Lois Parker said…
Looks like a great session
gentlework said…
What a fab looking workshop! xx
Murgatroyd said…
It was a really fun topic to tackle. Everyone got great results in the short time available.
susan hemann said…
what a terrific workshop! wish I could be there!