Daphne's Glove

Dates for your diary! 

In addition to all things Murgatroyd & Bean, we're also involved in the organisation and curation of 'A Group Gathering' which is a mechanism for bringing artists together to work on collaborative projects with a textile bent. Each year the project challenge and the group of artists involved changes.
The 2015 project, known as 'Daphne's Glove', will come together in an exhibition this Autumn. This year each participating artist was given a single, pale glove and some Cash's name tapes bearing the stitched words 'Daphne Bryant', and thereby tasked with responding creatively to the given materials. The project artists are currently working towards finishing their pieces in time for the 30th April deadline. 
To read more about the project and to see what sort of progress the artists have been making, please pop over to the website here:

Clock's a tickin' and we've got a glove piece to finish...


I think I remember reading a Serge & Tweed post about you coming across those Cash's name tapes. What a great idea to use them for the 'Daphne's Glove' project. I bet there will be some really creative pieces using these.
Murgatroyd said…
Hee hee. It was on here VK - little did I know then what it would lead to. Yes, some great work is being produced, can't wait to show the finished pieces in exhibition.