Wild About the Eyes

'Wild About the Eyes' mask by Kathleen Murphy
When we say wild, we mean beastly. 
Beasties with horns, with great tufted ears, with bulbous noses or pointy beaks and plenty of colour, such was the nature of last weekend's mask making workshop at Trumpet Corner Arts Studios & Tearoom. 
Nunu Theatre Company performing Billie Killer 2014
Based on the masks Kathleen (the Human) made for Nunu Theatre Company's production of Billie Killer last year, workshop participants were shown how to make a bold, handstitched half-face mask inspired by European folklore & fairytales. Drawing inspiration from the Kulkeri of Bulgaria, the Busojaras of Hungary and the startling traditional folk masks of Romania. Those gathered were encouraged to be bold in their choice of colour & embellishment, to think fantasy rather than reality. 
By jingo, did they go for it! 
Here's what happened when the group delved into the bags & boxes of fabric, trim and thread.
 Ruffles being teased & ears taking shape
  Buoyant use of texture & colour
 Organza ruffled cheeks & ear tufts
 Beak decorated with Feathered Chain stitch giving it a distinct 
folk feel

Carnival-bright colour. The eyebrows & buns you can see forming were inspired by Frida Kahlo

The long-eared mask above left was transformed into the splendid number, above right...

  And this pom-pom adorned mask became the handsome specimen below. 
 Look at all of that detailing on the nose!
A great set of results indeed.  Now all we need is a masked woodland ball to attend!
If you're reading this and kicking yourself that you didn't come along, kick no more. This is a workshop which we will offer again, so please keep an eye out for further details. The next all-day workshop on offer will be 'The Storyteller's Stool' on Saturday 28th March 2015. Limited places available. More details can be found HERE.


susan hemann said…
Oh the masks are amazing!! I so wish I could be there!!! I live in the US. I love making masks and I have been studying Russian fairy tales for a long time. I wish you could do an on-line class.
Lois Parker said…
So glad to hear you will be doing this again. I'll try not to break any more bones before then.