Masquerading as Someone Else

'A Restful Night's Sleep' 2013

Some of you may already be aware that the Human, Kathleen, is a member of the artist's gathering known as The Wednesday Group. 
The Wednesday Group originally met when they were students at Malvern Hills College back in 2008. They continue to meet every month to swop ideas, thrash out creative knots and work on shared projects. The piece you see pictured here, 'A Restful Nights Sleep', is the result of one such group project undertaken earlier this year. 

Each member of the group has their own distinctive way of working, which on several occasions we have attempted to emulate through group activity days in order to better understand the techniques and thought processes they use. Easier said than done! 
This year's Summer residency at Blue Ginger saw the group attempting the style of TWG member, Lindsay Daffurn. 

Lindsay Daffurn: A Wet Blue Ginger 2012
Lindsay 'collects' throw away comments or small every day incidents in which she finds a humourous vein. These stored up images are then turned into, largely, machine stitched textile pieces of approximately A4 size. The base fabric is calico stiffened with vilene onto which the scenario is appliqued (hard work on fingers used to dealing with the soft pliability of tweed and felt). We can tell you here, it's no mean feat trying to encapsulate a complete story in one small piece of stitchery. If you doubt it, give it a go! 
Anyone who shares their home with a feline friend might recognise the inspiration for Kathleen's particular scenario...?

 A most enjoyable piece to work on, yet, you might notice that a spot of tweed has still managed to creep it's way in...!



gentlework said…
Love it! best way to keep your head warm at night xx
Gina said…
This is show charming! Beautiful work.
Murgatroyd said…
*Smiles* to both of you!
That is really delightful and I recognize the feline head cosy! Reminds me of a long ago moggy called Haggis xx
Murgatroyd said…
Hello VK! Haggis - what a perfect name for a moggy! x