Sew On & So Forth

'Sew On & So Forth'
24-29th September 2013
An exhibition of new work in textiles and mixed media by The Wednesday Group
The Weavers Gallery
Church Lane,
The felt fellows above have found themselves a couple of comfortable perches amongst the 30+ textile birds currently on show as part of the 'Sew On' exhibition which opened to the public today. It's a short 'n' sweet exhibition which only runs until Sunday, 10am-5pm daily, so you need to be quick to catch it. The majority of the birds on display will be available for sale & collection on Sunday afternoon (29th) between 3-4pm, including the birds shown here. If you'd like more details please leave a comment. 

Moss Bird & Sherbet Bird


They are exquisite! :) x
Murgatroyd said…
Hi, thank you very much! Several are now flying off to new homes...