Pinny Gives a Helping Trotter

We had a 'Plus One' at the workshop this morning at Cafe Salvation as the rather splendid Pinny Pig joined us. This fabulous fellow had been made by the fair hands of workshopper CJ (previously mentioned HERE). He's quite happy to be prodded with pins and didn't complain even when buried under a pile of discarded fabric scraps! 

Here's a snapshot of what today's 'Busy Hands' got up to with applique, pattern & stitch...

The edge of this reverse appliqued patch has been decorated with a bold, double whipped backstitch.
Can you see a spot of Pekinese stitch in this piece?
Dainty discs ready to be appliqued

There's a lovely bit of couching going on in this piece. This particular fabric designed by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan has proved to be a popular choice as a base for several projects tackled in our monthly Patch Piece sessions. There's one teeny piece left. Wonder where it will pop up next?


Olivia said…
Wow looks amazing! Wish I could come too :-)
Looks like you've been very busy here! Will try to check back more often.

Olivia x
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Olivia! Good to see you again. Hope all's well?