The Curiosity of Sunshine

Warm sunshine, newly busy bees and the soothing call of the wood pidgeon enticed Bean to take his design work outside yesterday afternoon. When thinking through his ideas, Bean's favourite method for applying colour to paper is to use watercolour paint or watercolour pencils which require a wash of water to make the colours come alive. On a fallen log Bean set up his paints, brushes & water pot ready to work on his designs.
Sunshine, feeling curious, kept peeping over Bean's shoulder to see what he was up to, warming his long ears & whiskers as she did so. Pleasant though this was, within a short time the water in Bean's paints began to dry up as quickly as he was using them. A game of hide & seek began as Bean found new shady spots to work in and Sunshine found him. This continued for some time until Bean could bear it no more, he packed up his paints and retreated indoors. 
Poor old Bean. Poor curious Sunshine! 

It's beautifully sunny again today. Bean is painting indoors... 


Holly Careless said…
Perhaps Bean could invest in a rather stylish parisian Parasol? ... where is the glorious sunshine today? in hiding? ;-)
Murgatroyd said…
Then that is what we'll look for at the next flea market Holly! ;D