Pym and the Theatre of Small Convenience

Hello Pym, where've you been?
In a brief sojourn from the business of making, he went wandering the hilly highways of Malvern where he made his way towards a small and unsual delight; the Theatre of Small Convenience which was once Guiness Book of Records 'approved' as the smallest theatre in the world.  

Based in the centre of Great Malvern, the Theatre of Small Convenience takes it's name from the building's original purpose - a Victorian gentlemens toilet! At only 16 feet long it can seat up to 12 people and is home to the imaginative puppetry of Denis Neale.  

It may be a tiny venue but Mr Neale's carefully constructed sets & puppets will transport you to enchanted places, far bigger than the space you sit in. Over the last few years the outside of the building has become as eccentric and interesting as the interior, as small pieces of art work have blossomed in the trellis next to the door and stone faces emerge from the earth between tree roots. 

It's a fascinating place but sometimes it's hard to plan a visit ahead of time because of it's erratic opening. If the theatre is open on the day you visit, you may find that one of their 20 minute performances is conducted just for you - which is a delight. 
Sadly the Theatre's website seems to have a gremlin/nasty bug within it so we won't share the link with you here. Performances usually take place during half term, Christmas & Summer holidays, sometimes listed in Malvern Gazette's What's On.
If you're in the area, do check it out!

The Theatre of Small Convenience
Edith Walk
Great Malvern
WR14 4QH
01684 568933


Thanks for the info, this sounds like a wonderful place to visit :-)
Murgatroyd said…
The opening times are a little Brigadoon...! Catch it while you can.