Missing in Action but a Great Shade of Green

Grrrrrr! We are most frustrated this morning as it appears that some of our emails are not getting through to us. We can only apologise if you have sent an email trying to book a workshop place and have not received a reply (we try to reply with 24 hours at the latest).  If this is the case, please try resending the email or message us here via the Comments box or on our Facebook page HERE.

As a means of apology, and to calm our nerves, here's a picture of a piece of thread treasure we found at the Crafty Vintage Market a week ago. Sylko thread in Bean's favourite shade of limey green, Chartreuse. What a superb name!


Super photo and cotton reel. A lovely little find!
Murgatroyd said…
Thanks VK..our little eyes lit up when we saw it!
Debra Lee said…
I just bought this shade for my nightstands!
Murgatroyd said…
An excellent choice Debra!