Stitch Salvation!

Today was the first session in our new series of workshops at the fabulous Cafe Salvation.
Today's hardworking participants learnt how to make a Floral Bloom brooch from felt and a variety of handstitches, largely stemming from the humble straight stitch. We also had a spot of left-handed blanket stitching and a gold-star-tick as everyone mastered how to create a French knot.
It was good to be back - the coffee was darn fine and Salvation's Helen was cooking up a storm with her yummy Spring season menu. It would have been rude not to partake of the fine fare, so we did.
Here is today's gang in action...


AnniD said…
All looks very bright and cheerful and such a crowd! Bet they couldn't wait to get started on such a lovely project.
Murgatroyd said…
It was a lot of fun Anni. Interestingly, everyone went for a very similar colour range too...something in the air?