Patch Piece

This Friday sees the beginning of our monthly 'Patch Piece' workshops at Cafe Salvation.  These sessions are a chance to concentrate on handstitch and fabric manipulation techniques a slower pace than some of the other workshops allow. We should point out that these workshops are not about traditional 'Patchwork' processes but we will use patches of fabric approximately the size of a postcard as a starting point. 
These pieces would look great framed or, for those who attend regularly, they might like to stitch them together to make a larger piece of work.

You'll find the 'Patch Piece' workshops terribly therapeutic too as you become absorbed in the process of pulling thread through fabric for the sheer joy of it!

We have 2 places left for this Friday. Do shout up if you'd like to take part. 

Time & venue details HERE


Helen Creese said…
Absolutely beautiful patches. I rather fancy a cushion cover made up of these lovely pieces...if only I didn't have to make the coffee....xx
Murgatroyd said…
It was such fun! Who knows, maybe someone will make one for you one day...? ;D