Easter Garland A-hoy!

Here you see the workshop's Sylvac bunnies who have come out to inspect the hanging of the Pixie Garland in celebration of Easter.

We LOVE Easter in the Applewood as it (usually) heralds the launch of Spring, new shoots and fresh hopes. Um, fingers crossed the new shoots see some sunshine soon or they will be going back into hibernation!

However, we continue to look forward and this week sees us busy at our workbenches making items for local outlets and the Crafty Vintage Market which is less than two weeks away (6th April).
Click HERE to see the fabulous line up of vintage sellers & makers.

Right - back to work...



felicity said…
That's a wonderful garland,I love the hot cross bun! and I love the Sylvac bunnies.
Sarah Burford said…
That pixie garland is just too charming I adore it. The detail is so delicate and perfect...just like they were stitched by little elves,fairies and pixies themselves. Sarah x
Murgatroyd said…
Thank you Felicity & Sarah.
When the naked house pixies have finished celebrating Easter (which they always like to do naked)they are tempted towards the garland by the hot cross bun. Where upon they find a suit of clothes to put on & wind their way home sparing their blushes.. ahem!
Love the Pixie Garland! Such a clever and wonderful idea. Minerva ~
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Minerva - thank you!