Spring Workshops at Cafe Salvation April - May 2013

We are pleased to announce a further selection of workshops which will be on offer at Cafe Salvation during April & May. One of which will be centred around the adventure seeking Pym himself! Do take a look. Bookings are now open, further details at the bottom of the post.

APRIL 2013

Friday 5th April 2013: 'Patch Piece' Project Please note that this workshop will not be at our usual time but between 11.30am - 1.30pm
The joy of two hours of handstitch 'doodling' - perfect for those who just want to stitch! During these monthly sessions we will explore a variety of handstitch and fabric manipulation techniques on postcard sized fabric patches. 
Those who attend regularly may wish to stitch their patches together to create a larger piece.

Friday 19th April 2013:  'Take a Letter Miss Jones' FULL
Exploring handsewing techniques for creating 'written' pieces in stitch and fabric - who needs a pen! You might like to bring along a favourite poem or quote for inspiration. 

Friday 26th April 2013: 'Mouse in a Matchbox'   Postponed until Autumn 2013
Learn how to make a little sleeping mouse in his very own matchbox bed.   


MAY 2013 

3rd May 2013: 'Clothes for Pym the Peg Doll'
Pym, a character whose adventures pop up regularly on the Murgatroyd & Bean website, is a peg doll who desperately needs some clothes! Here's your chance to have fun with fabric, paper, haberdashery and make believe to create a costume or two for your very own peg doll character.  

10th May 2013: 'Patch Piece' project
 As above 5.4.13 - two hours of handstitch 'doodling'.

17th May 2013: 'Keepsake Tokens Using Paper & Stitch'
In this session we will create small, stitched treasures housed in their own handmade envelope, made from scraps of fabric & vintage papers. Lovely to give as a gift. 

24th May 2013: 'Paisley Motif Brooch'
The traditional teardrop shaped paisley has it's design roots in Persia & Indian. It has remained a popular motif throughout the ages which lends itself to lots of colour & embellishment possibilities. A rich source of inspiration upon which to create a decorative, felt-based brooch to brighten your lapel.

All of these short workshops will take place on Fridays between 10am-12.15pm (unless stated otherwise) at the fabulous  CafĂ© Salvation at Posterity,
Lower Mitchell Barn, Eastnor Estate, nr Ledbury, HR8 1EG

Each workshops cost £20 per person or, book three at once for £54. All materials are provided unless stated otherwise.

They are suitable for both beginner & experienced stitchers.

Booking is ESSENTIAL to ensure a place.

To book a place please email: kathleen@murgatroydandbean.co.uk  or call into Cafe Salvation (Thursdays - Saturdays).