Red Ruff

2013 sees our Baby Beans lavished with more detail and possibily even more handstitches. Each little tuft of hair is painstakingly stitched by hand which means that each Bean has his very own unique look.
Newly listed on Etsy today, Red Ruff Baby Bean. His ruff is made from a scrap of hand-dyed, silk fabric which will fray gently over time and add to his charm.  A bit of a day dreamer who looks to the stars!


gentlework said…
Love your little red-ruffed chap! I'll have a stall at the next Crafty Vintage Fair in April, will be lovely to meet you there! Christine
AnniD said…
What a hoot! Stars on his bottom too!Lovely!
Murgatroyd said…
The best of us have stars on our bottom Anni! ;D

That's super news Christine! Can't wait to meet you & your lovely stitched treasures in the 'real' world. :D