Little Treasure's Stocking

Thought we'd share a glimpse of a recent commission with you - a special stocking to share future Christmases with the Textile Treasure Seeker family. Or more specifically, with Little Treasure.
It features a little Bean-like hare peeping out from an array of quilted tweed leaves and felt berries. Some of the leaves also double up as tiny pockets behind which you can hide special messages to Santa or his elves. The inner sock is made from a classic Liberty 'Betsy' Tana Lawn. On the reverse of the stocking is a felt toadstool with Little Treasure's name on it so that there's no chance of Mr Treasure thinking it's for him!


Lois Parker said…
gorgeous, must commission one for the new grandson due in March when I know the name. Does the hare know how to cycle.
AnniD said…
Fantabulosa! Lucky Sophie to have an heirloom that young! I love that toadstool and the way you've done her name.Feel proud of that.
Murgatroyd said…
Lois- the hare knows how to 're-cycle'. Does that count?

Thank you Anni!