Small Boots

We have a place left on tomorrow's workshop. Please make contact by 9pm (UK time) if you'd like to take part.
Friday 9th November (10am - 12.15pm) 'Hanging Pixie Garland'
Find out how to make a tiny, bunting-style garland of handstitched pixie possessions; hat, sock, glove etc, which would look great hung from a festive mantlepiece or strung amongst your Christmas cards. 
Venue: Cafe salvation, Lower Mitchell Barn, Posterity near Ledbury, HR8 1EG.
£20 includes all materials.

We've had such fun making the samples for this workshop. We can't wait to see how the participants choose to decorate their pixie possessions!


Chloe G said…
Ooh - those ickle boots are the business!! Love all those titchy details too x
Murgatroyd said…
Thanks Chloe. We're going to have some fun making more of those tomorrow!
Gina said…
Oooh... I love those little boots. I wish I lived nearer!