In Print: Pretty Nostalgic

This dapper Rocca may well look pleased with himself. He flew off from the Applewood last month, beak polished & feathers plumped, to take part in a magazine photo' shoot - the fruits of which can now be seen in the latest issue of Pretty Nostalgic.
Dog-tooth Rocca appears in the 'British Makers Christmas Gift Guide' in Issue 4 which will be available to buy next week in the UK (unless you are a subscriber which means you'll already have your copy?).

For those of you not familiar with the publication it is an independent, bi-monthly home & lifestyle magazine, focussing on the best of British, "that celebrates vintage, traditional and sustainable ways of living". Each issue has been a visual feast and Issue 4 is no exception. The cover (below) has been designed by the textile artist, Ruth Blackford, whose work also peppers the inside of the magazine. More of her practice can be seen by clicking HERE.
 We're delighted to have been chosen to take part in this edition. 


AnniD said…
We're pleased you were included too! I was worried when I first read it....or rather misread it...I read 'Damp Rocca' instead of dapper! I thought he'd been caught up in the overnight rain and was about to me.
Murgatroyd said…
Hahahahahaha! No, that little fella flew off before the sneezing started here too. Hope you feel better soon Anni x