What a froth of net, lace, beads and shimmer was whipped up this morning at the 'Peg Doll Angel' workshop. Ooh, it was like being in the finest atelier in Paris as miniature costumes were fashioned from fabric scraps, ribbon and threads! Such a lovely session with some super results from today's participants. We can't wait to show you what they came up with. 
These peg doll creations have subsequently become know as 'Fraingels'; part fairy, part angel.
Take one naked peg doll and find something sturdy for her to stand up in. Let the magic commence...

Make her some wings...
Perhaps a skirt fashioned from a doily?
These wings have a musical quality!

Add a tulle bow and a pearl necklace...

Add some delicate handstitch detail to her hem.
Blonde, brunette or redhead today?

Accessorise, no not with Vogue, but a book of Christmas carols

Find a gorgeous place to sit (such as the treasure trove dresser at Salvation), et voila! 


AnniD said…
I think they should have been left on that dresser! They looked at home there.If the National Trust ever see it they will preserve it for the nation.
Murgatroyd said…
Yes Anni - they looked very at home on the dresser. I think Helen might have let them move in. (Would the National Trust preserve the dresser or the dolls??)