A Poetic Turn of Events

The following poem was created for us by one of our Applewood chums, AB, based on events last Saturday, whilst at the Crafty Vintage Market in Bishop's Castle, when an electrical malfunction occurred in our trusty vehicle's doors.
It was rather an embarrassing set of events, which AB has captured beautifully with a little artistic license. And yes, paws, claws and feet really were waving in the air from the back of the car much to the amusement of onlookers...

The Stitcher's Tale

Here's a tale of a stitcher from Ross,

(To the owl and the hare, she's the boss),
They drive near and far
In her Beetle car,
For profit they hope, not for loss!

Preparing one day for a Fair far away,

Her Beetle did NOT want to play,
For gremlins in socks
Had got into the locks-
"Oh bugs! What a start to the day!"

The human, a stitcher so neat,
Proclaimed that she would NOT be beat,
And being quite thin
She eased her way in
Through the boot and then over the seat.

They set out their wares at the Fair,
This human, the owl and the hare,
But no lunch did they take
So they had to eat cake
(And meringues) - as much as they dare!

The day was a 'beaut' and they took loads of loot -
But they should have had salad and fruit...
For gremlins in socks
Were still in the locks
And the only way in was the boot!

"Oh crikey", "Oh dearie", "Oh my!"
They said to themselves with a sigh,
As head first in the boot
They all went - what a hoot!
Such amusement for those passing by!

This-to-do, it attracted a crowd,
Who heard screetches and squeals oh so loud!
For the three and their kit 
Would no longer fit
And a way in could not now be found.

Take a moment, imagine the picture,

For to do so will make you much richer,
'Twas a wonderful jumbling
Of claws, paws and mumbling
Of the owl, the hare and the stitcher.

The moral of this story is simple to make,

When image matters, and your pride is at stake,
Then, if gremlins in socks
Ever get into your locks
Do eat salad and fruit and NOT CAKE! 
(For anyone who came along to the Market you will remember just how HUGE those cupcakes from The Little Round Cake Company were!)


Lois Parker said…
thanks for the chuckles
Murgatroyd said…
Anytime Lois! Although it may be a while before we try climbing into car boots again...