The Workbox Introduction Series 2012

Curious Pip's 'stuffing chopstick' & scissors
 In July 2012 we began a series of introductions to some of our favourite contemporary makers, many of whom have a textile leaning. As a means of introduction, the artists who have been featured all agreed to give us a peep into their work boxes, picking out key items of equipment they can't do without, giving you the reader an exclusive glimpse into the maker's world and practice. 

Judging by your comments & responses the series has been very well received. It's hard to resist the chance to poke about in someone else's workboxes with their full permission isn't it? 

We thought we'd take this opportunity to give you a list plus links to all of the artists who have been featured so far - just incase you missed any. 

Grrl+dog's Busy Box

Hen's Teeth 
Mister Finch 
Cara Carmina
Curious Pip
Ella Robinson
Anya Keeley
Cathy Cullis

Mr Finch's files & pins


Thank you, I love to watch them all...
x Stefanie
grrl + dog said…

Ms Murgatroyd,

I am in such esteemed company over here...
the kind of company one dreams about, but hardly ever sees.

Thankyou for this - oh and btw - I am sure an editor of some great book company would love to make this into a book.
Murgatroyd said…
Ooh, thanks G+D! If the editor comes a-knocking I'll let you know.
Got another cracking artist lined up for next week - woo-hoo!