Making a difference through stitch

For those who thought that the simple act of of pulling thread through fabric couldn't make a difference to peoples lives, think again. 
The following video has been produced by Northern Productions to give two examples of how subversive stitch can be. It follows the difference that stitch has made in two embroiderer's lives; a ex-prisoner and his involvement with the charity, Fine Cell Work, and Craftivism activist, Sarah Corbett
The video last around 20 minutes so you might like to make yourself comfortable! 



grrl + dog said…

What a magnificent story the Fine Cell work is..

Very uplifting..thankyou!
thanks for your visit at my blog!
Well, it is quite simple:
you tell me you are in and than you show your results on your blog on saturday or sunday.
It is just a play, you can draw, paint, knit, take a picture etc. what ever you want about the theme.
All artists show their results on their blogs and we visit each other. Next week there will be another host and a new theme.
Ariane is the manager of the d.c.:
ok? are you in?
wow, that would be great!
x Stefanie
Lisa said…
Bravo! it really touches the heart ... ♥