Workbox Introduction: Maidolls

You might recognise Betty? 
We mentioned her in a post earlier this Summer HERE when she came to live with us in the Applewood. Betty comes from the creative hands of UK artist, Melodie Stacey who you might know better as, Maidolls, and who is the owner of this week's workbox.

  The Maidolls world is created through knitted textiles, delicate papercuts, felt, modelling clay and watercolour. Under this title, Melodie conjures up a world of serene folk, largely female, who have a poetic and timeless quality about them. It is no surprise therefore that Melodie is inspired by artists such as French painter, Marie Laurencin, author Tove Jansson and Russian dollmaker, Takiyaje - all of whom share similarly haunting qualities in their work. Murgatroyd & Bean favourites Julie Arkell, Cathy Cullis & Tamar Mogendorf are also of great inspiration to Melodie. 
 Above: 'Umbrella Ladies' watercolour (one of a pair) 2012

 After studying art to MA level in Aberdeen, Melodie is now based in Brighton. She comes from a family line with reputable needlework skills what with her Grandmother and Aunts being dressmakers by profession during the 1920's - 1950's. When her Grandmother was relocated to Dorset during the Second World War she became the seamstress which the village turned to to have their tea dresses and ballgowns made by. The 'dressmaking' theme continues through Melodie's work in the delightful knitted outfits she creates for her art dolls. Just look at the little red dress above.

   Many of the items within Melodie's sewing boxes have been handed down by these very family members; ribbons, thimbles, buttons & embroidery transfers for example. There is a real sense of 'times past' within these boxes which beautifully echoes through the Maidolls pieces too.
The sewing skills in the family have now passed onto the next generation with Melodie's daughter also showing a keen interest in 'stitchcraft', often working on her own projects alongside her mother.

All of Maidolls dolls are sewn on a beloved 1930's Singer sewing machine which was gifted to Melodie by a dear friend who collects them. 

As well as selling her work through Etsy, Maidolls has exhibited across England and Scotland and finds time to write a regular blog. The Maidolls blog also lets you know when new creations have become available for sale. Follow the links below to keep up to date with what Maidolls is up to next:

With the exception of the picture of Betty, all photographs within this article belong to Maidolls. A big thank you to Melodie for allowing permission to use them.  

'Grace' 2012


hensteeth said…
Super post, truly gorgeous work.
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Viv, thanks..The work needed to be seen by a wider audience. Glad you like it.
Lois Parker said…
Lovely series, great way to earn a little about amazing creators and get orgnaising tips too!
Murgatroyd said…
We've certainly been having a bit 'tool envy' here in the Applewood since the series began Lois.
grrl + dog said…

oh, a woman after my own heart - imagine the dresses her Aunts would have sewn..

and the vintage Singer? probably will wrk for another 100 years.
Murgatroyd said…
Wonder if here are any photo's of those tea dresses...?
Maidoll said…
Many thanks for this Katheen:0) I love what you have written. I have quite a lot of photos of that time.My great Aunts made my Grandmothers Wedding dress, which I may post on my blog at some point..
Murgatroyd said…
OoH, please post some photo's Melodie. As you can see from above there are several interested parties here!

(p.s. you are most welcome)